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A Life Saving Tool

I am a large woman and have some limited mobility. A number of months ago. I had an incident where I passed out and fell on the floor 911 had to be called. They came with four men who put straps around me, took all my dignity trying to get me up off the floor and hurt me.
I immediately started searching for something, so I would never be in that situation again.
I found easy lift up, I read all the reviews I called and asked questions I immediately ordered. Eight months had gone by everything in my life was great until two weeks ago when I fainted again.
I called a friend of mine, my easy lift up, duffel bag had never been opened. He opened it, together we read the directions, and seven minutes later I was standing up no loss of dignity no bruises just a big smile on my face.
I believe every rescue and EMT vehicle should have one of these on board.

Debra House
August 24, 2023

Glad I found it

Just tested it out. It works just as you described it would. Helped my wife get to high sitting position so she could stand up. Glad I found it.

David Maciejewski
April 24, 2023

Highly Recommend

Received in a couple of days. Watched the short video. Took it for a “test drive”. Easy hook up and worked perfectly. Of course we hope that we don’t need to use it. However if needed we are confident that there will be no more 911 calls. Inflated in less than 5 minutes. Highly recommend.

March 26, 2023

Glad I had this Easy Lift cushion!

I have owned this cushion for two years now, just sitting unopened in the same box it arrived in. I have fallen three times and needed medical assistance each time. I had hoped I would never have to use it, but last Saturday I slipped in the shower I was wet and naked and certainly didn’t want strange volunteer men trying to get hold of me. My daughter got out the easy lift up, hooked it up, I was able to get on it and up I went. It was the most wonderful feeling to be easily able to stand up again. I’m forever grateful that I spent the money and had this waiting, just in case. I highly recommend the Easy Lift Up!!

March 9, 2023

Best money I have ever spent

1st I almost didn’t buy it because of the price. Now after using a couple of times. Best money I have ever spent.
2nd the first time I used it the seam on the top pillow came apart. I called them they replaced the pillow no question asked.
3rd I would recommend this lift to anyone!! GREAT PRODUCT

donald sablatura
December 31, 2022


Received three days after order. Fortunately I haven’t had to use yet, but I did try it out on myself and it seems it will do the job. Thanks.

John Fleck
October 31, 2022

Good quality

When I contacted you because of a faulty piece of tubing you were prompt to send new tubing which solved the problem. Thank you. The equipment is of good quality and I’m actually hoping I never have to use it.

Charlotte B
October 30, 2022

Pleased with it

We tested it out and were pleased with it. Great simple directions. Have confidence for next time a parent falls.

Marylee B.
October 22, 2022

Easy to setup

Storage bag and all parts seem to be of high quality. Easy to setup and works as described in video.

October 18, 2022

Most sensible and affordable product I found

I found this product on the internet after my wife’s most recent fall. This easy lift cushion was the most sensible and affordable product I found. Ordering it by phone was easy. Received quickly by UPS. It comes with everything you need. Easy to set up and works perfectly for lifting a person to a sitting position.

Steve McKenzie
October 15, 2022

It worked great

We purchased this because I have fallen several times and always in the middle of the night. We have to call our son-in-law to come and help get me off the floor. When it arrived my husband tried it out and it worked great! Hopefully I will never have to use it but if I do, we know it will do a great job.

October 12, 2022

Works great

The cushion works great. My wife fell. She is not very mobile. I was able to get her on the cushion and raised her. After a few minutes she was up and back using her walker.

Thomas Bartol
October 10, 2022

Thank you for this product!

Had to use the lift up cushion the day it arrived. Took us a little bit to learn where to place the cushions but it lifted my husband up so he was able to stand using his walker. This saved us a call to 911 for a lift assist and it saved our sons from having to come to our house to help. Thank you for this product.

October 9, 2022

Works well for me

Works well for me as I have balance and limited mobility. Upper body strength is weak as well. Have fallen 3 times since our purchase and I was able to get up from the floor with the Easy Lift with the help from my wife.

October 6, 2022

Works as promised

It works as promised, but I believe it would help to have a material on the very bottom to keep it in place when the person you try to lift is sitting on it. It slides too easily in my opinion, otherwise great design.

Iris W
October 4, 2022

Sensible and affordable

I found this product on the internet after my wife’s most recent fall. This easy lift cushion was the most sensible and affordable product I found. Ordering it by phone was easy. Recieved quickly by UPS. It comes with everything you need. Easy to set up and works perfectly for lifting a person to a sitting position.

Steve McKenzie
September 26, 2022

We tested it out and were pleased with it. Great simple directions. Have confidence for next time a parent falls.

Marylee Ballou
September 22, 2022

Best product that we wish we did not need.

We have had our Easy Lift Up for a number of years already and I have to say it is far easier to use then other lift aid devices that I have seen. It makes it much easier and safer to get my wife up the ways we did it before we had the product. As I said, this is the best product that we wish we did not need. But we are oh so happy that we do have it.

Another thing I would like to point out is not about the Easy Lift Up device itself, it is about the company and the people behind the produce. I short while ago we had a problem with our device that made it not as safe to use. I contacted them about the issue, and unlike so many other companies out there today I received a response in less then 24 hours. After a couple of e-mails back and forth explaining the problem and the exchange of some information they had the replacement part sent out with no problem at all. I have nothing but good things to say my dealings with this company.

Timothy Fitelson
September 22, 2022

Rescue Device

I chose this (as a rescue device in case I fell) mostly by price: it was $1000 less than similar devices from medical supply sources. To my delight, it is well-made with quality materials. It also arrived quickly after I ordered. I highly recommend buying this item from this company.

Dr. D
August 22, 2022

great product

have used this for the third time to get my 80 year old wife up  after she had fallen. easiest time yet. she knows it works, I put a chair for her to steady her herself as it moves her up. great product

Al Dennison
May 23, 2022

A Wonderful Help For Us

This device has been a wonderful help for us. My 6’2” husband weighing 275 pounds falls often since he has severe foot drop in both feet and wears braces to walk. He has also has had both knees replaced so bending them enough to get up when he falls is impossible. The Easy Lift Up has helped tremendously. We have had it for about 4 months now. It takes a couple attempts to get him balanced correctly but once I do it works like a charm. Thank you. You have made my life much easier and saved my aching back a lot of pain.

Lynn Montgomery
May 3, 2022

Best buying choice I have ever made

While having to wait for hip replacement surgery, which has been postponed due to COVID-related implications, I have had increased falls due to continued deterioration of my hip joint.
We purchased the easyliftup in October 2021 and had to use it twice following some serious falls. The product was an absolute life saver as my husband was easily able to successfully use the cushion without us having to call 911. Exceptional product and easy to use!

Sigrid Howard
January 27, 2022

great help

my 80 year old wife cannot get up after sliding to the floor. purchased the EASY LIFT UP to help. it was delivered as described, quickly and complete. tested it & it worked well. tonight I had to use it to get my wife up. It did the job easily and after 10 minutes she was up and around & thrilled no EMTs were involved.


Al Dennison
January 17, 2022

Excellent product!!

Excellent product!! Very impressed with the kit and quality parts. I feel confident that I can help my elderly parents get up without harming them or myself by “trying” to lift them. Well packaged in a nice carrying case. Made in USA and you can tell.

Neil G Carousso
October 26, 2021

We both really LOVE your Easy Lift Up !!

I had some medical issues which caused me to be unstable resulting
in several bad falls. I am 74 and a big guy- 285# and my sweet
wife is 150#.

The 2 of us spent a lot of effort and time trying to get me up off the
floor so that I could sit on a chair and then use my 4-wheel walker
to recover in bed.

The last fall was so bad that we almost called 9-1-1 for help.
I guess I am a slow learner because it took me 6 bad falls to finally
realize that I could not continue to hurt me & my 70-year old wife anymore.

Separately we browsed the internet looking for ANYTHING to help me
if/when I fell again. Most things we found were large and expensive.

Two of my falls were in small spaces – small bathroom and my study.
NONE of these large things on the internet would “fit” into such a small space.

My wife discovered “Easy Lift Up” and it sure looked good. The information
on the website – the “how-to” videos made this look like the answer to
our prayers.

Just to be sure, I phoned Stephen Huston – the owner/designer of the
Easy Lift Up system. Stephen is a VERY nice man and very helpful. He
said that he could emphasize with my problems. He said that my problems
were common in elderly people and that is WHY he designed the lifting system.

I ordered the Easy Lift Up using the online order form. I received emails
notifying me of every step my order was going through with the company.
I also received numerous emails from UPS advising the progress of my order.
The company’s communications about the order progress were outstanding.

We received the order very quickly even though it had to be sent from the
east coast to the west coast where we live.

We immediately opened the box and discovered that the system was EVEN
BETTER than what we expected. The 3 inflatable cushions are made of heavy
duty TPU coated nylon ( I researched it), the air compressor is very large (size of
a football) and inflated the 3 cushions quickly. The gang valve which controls the
air flow to each of the separate cushions is heavy duty and very easy to use.
The 3 cushions are all connected together so that there is no problem with the
cushions separating during inflation.

The Easy Lift Up even included a heavy duty extension cord so that if the outlet
where you plugged-in was far away from where I fell down, it would reach.
The remote control easily turned the compressor ON & OFF as I desired.
The whole package fit neatly into an attractive heavy duty white bag.

We tried it out immediately. not with me – in case we had any problems.
We slid the cushions under my wife as she sat on the floor. I used the remote
control to allow power from the outlet plug to flow to the compressor. As
each cushion filled with air – bottom cushion, then middle, finally the top cushion.
My wife easily was raised up to a height of the chair seat which she was holding onto
for stability during the inflation.

We were thrilled !! It is EXACTLY as described. Less than 5 minutes from start to finish.
Unfortunately we had reason to use it FOR ME just a week later. Luckily I did not break
any bones but after so many falls, I was really hurting.

We slid the cushions under me while I sat on the ground and held onto a chair for
balance control as my wife ran the compressor through the remote control and it was
exactly the same result as our ‘trial run’ with my wife. It was amazing !

Less than 5 minutes raised me up exactly the same as it had raised my wife.
Quickly and painlessly I was sitting on the chair. So simple!

We both are much less ‘anxious’ now that we know we can get me up again if/when I
fall again. It is a great comfort to have such a wonderful product to help us.

I even told my doctor about this device during my next visit. He was impressed.

I cannot say enough good things about this product and this company. If you
purchase the Easy Lift Up, you will be very happy that you did..
Lloyd H.

Lloyd H
July 26, 2021


Everything as described and a high quality build. We are thrilled that we found this. Fast shipping to us, too.

June 7, 2021

Best lift we have tried

Bought this for my 88yrold grandfather who has fallen a couple times. I have had to call a squad to get him up as we live rurally and I’m not strong enough to hoist him up. This lift is PERFECT. He is able to use it by himself with the assistance of a chair/table to keep his balance. This is the best lift we have tried and it also has the best price out of the four others we have tried! Shipping was FAST – arrived 3 days after it was ordered.

April 8, 2021

Just placed 2nd order

Tested air bags unit just now and seemed to work as advertised.
Just placed a second unit order for car and a 300 Watt inverter from Amazon for emergency use while traveling.

March 31, 2021

Grateful for your product

I purchased the Easy Lift Up and within 4 days of receiving it I had to use it to lift my 90year old father off the floor when he fell. It worked exactly as described and I was able to lift him by myself with the cushion and a small step ladder for him to hold on to. When fully inflated I was able to get him transferred to a chair. This has alleviated the stress out of how I will be able to get him up if he falls again. I am so grateful for your product and I highly recommend it to anyone taking care of an aging parent.

February 17, 2021

A load off my mind

I have muscular dystrophy and have fallen several times. I can’t get up by myself and It is such a struggle for people to get me back on my feet and somewhat embarrassing. I have looked at so my different types of lift devices but they are either too expensive, not portable, or they don’t come with everything you need and you have to buy extra items to get a complete system. When I first came across the advertisement for the “Easy Lift Up” I couldn’t believe the price and it came complete with nothing extra to purchase. I ordered one and was surprised to find out that it shipped for free. It arrived today and I’m not disappointed, very well made and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I followed the instructions and it was very easy to assemble. My wife inflated it and I sat on it and she was able to lower me safely to the floor and back up again all by herself. It worked just as advertised and now I don’t have to worry anymore about how to get up if I fall. The “Easy Lift Up” is portable and easy to transport so I can take it with me when I travel and have piece of mind. Thank you and God bless.

Michael B Farmer
August 30, 2020

The peace of mind is practically priceless!

My wife is in her 70s, and over 200lbs. She has fallen several times ( no injuries, thankfully) but is unable to get up even with my assistance. She has had 2 knees replaced, and getting on her knees to a standing position is excruciatingly painful for her. We always need to call the EMTs to help get her up. We recently got the Easy Lift Up, and I had her watch as I showed her how it works. WONDERFUL!!
I hope we’ll never need it, but knowing that I can get her up without having to call 911 is an incredible relief. The peace of mind is practically priceless!

Harvey Flashen
July 14, 2020

Great item

I had my knee replaced and as a result of surgery, my foot is now numb and walking can be wobbly at best. I find myself on the floor often and have to wait for someone to help me up. Often my family is at work and it’s a great inconvenience to them (but they are willing to come home) I am heavy and I know it puts a great strain on their back. All other lifting cushions cost so much that I couldn’t afford them, so when I saw the price I decided to try it.

It arrived yesterday and I tried it out three times and it is wonderful. Now I am more comfortable being home alone knowing I can get up if needed and be more independent. Would recommend to anyone.

June 18, 2020


I just used my Easy Lift Up for the first time about 10 minutes ago. It worked great and got me back on my feet lickity split. Since I have vertigo problems falls have become part of my everyday life.
Thanks to our local firefighters I learned about your personal lift cushion. I will be passing the word to family and friends.

Laurette Plaza
June 18, 2020

Every Senior Should Own One

When my wife used to fall we had to call the town’s EMT. NO LONGER. The Easy Lift Up is the reason. Easy to set up and use it makes us self sufficient should she fall in the future. A GREAT PRODUCT! EVERY SENIOR SHOULD OWN ONE.

Michael Meleshenko
June 4, 2020

An Insurance Policy

We watched the video, and then we put it together. We hope my husband will not need it, but we are thankful to have this help if he falls. Thank you so much for your product.
John and Dee Bunn

Sara Dee Bunn
May 29, 2020

Eternal thanks for making this

I purchased an Easy Lift Up last winter after several falls with difficulty getting up. It’s been several months with no falls. In fact, the other day I looked at the device and thought well, that was a waste of money. It was not. I fell tonight and was back on my feet in no time. Eternal thanks for making this.

Peg Bowman
May 27, 2020

Wonderful to have and even more wonderful when you don’t have to use it.

The Easy Lift Up system is wonderful to have and even more wonderful when you don’t have to use it. My wife and I have two daughters, currently 7 and 11. My wife has MS and she will fall wherever she is for no reason. We used to try to get her on her knees and use a chair. The reality is that I can’t force her around with her weight and my back. She is essentially immobile, until she gets a good night of rest. Many physical therapists ideas just don’t work when she can’t send the signal to make her limbs move. The little strength she has is quickly exhausted in attempts to get up.

Now think about this. One of the worst things by far for my wife, is the embarrassment of a fall. Even at home the frustration and embarrassment cause her nervous system to shutdown even more. Now we that we have the Easy Lift Up, we have learned not to struggle or make a big commotion. We all stay calm. I go get the Easy Lift, that is stored on the stairs. Slide the bag under her, and she just relaxes while I hand her the remote and turn the valves on and off . She is short so the bag doesn’t even need to inflate all the way. This process is easy and repeatable, and makes my daughters, feel much more at ease with the drama of a fall. My 7 year old has even used the bag to help her mom from a fall when I was not around! She is proud to be able to plug the easy connect hoses in and turn the valves for Mom. This has been a game changer for our family. Thank you for having this product!

Brian Boyd
April 11, 2020

Affordable option

Only had the Easy Lift Up for one week, and had to use it this morning as my mom fell in the bathroom. Due to her weight, I would not have been able to get her up by myself if not for your product. Thanks for providing an affordable option to help with my mom!

Chris Richardson
April 9, 2020

Great Product

This is an amazing product. Reasonably priced, easy to operate and comforting to the caregiver of someone who suffers from repeated falls.

Arrived within short time after order and our experiments with use worked well.

William Carroll
February 25, 2020


This is just what we needed. My husband has Parkinson’s, and when he falls, he is too big for me to help him up. If my neighbor wasn’t home, I would have to call 911 which we both found embarrassing. This device is lightweight, and easy for me to set up. With this, I am able to help him get back on his feet in just a few minutes. Great device, very happy with this!

Nancy Fowler
November 22, 2019

Just What We Needed

My wife has balance problems and seems to fall too often. I had a heck of a time getting her back up. She can’t get up on her own, and when I try to lift her, it causes her more pain and trauma. This is a great product that I wish I would have found sooner. She is able to scoot her bottom onto the flat cushion, and then it inflates slowly and lifts her up high enough where she can easily just stand up. We both don’t get stressed out now when she falls. Very glad I found this.

Tim Mullins
November 15, 2019

Love it

So happy I got my easy lift up. Had no idea I was going to fall again. I was just walking around in my kitchen and slipped on dropped food. I was able to crawl over to the easy lift up kit I had just received and was able to get myself up off the floor. I will be showing all my friends how easy this is to use.

Sue Williams
October 14, 2019