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A load off my mind

I have muscular dystrophy and have fallen several times. I can’t get up by myself and It is such a struggle for people to get me back on my feet and somewhat embarrassing. I have looked at so my different types of lift devices but they are either too expensive, not portable, or they don’t come with everything you need and you have to buy extra items to get a complete system. When I first came across the advertisement for the “Easy Lift Up” I couldn’t believe the price and it came complete with nothing extra to purchase. I ordered one and was surprised to find out that it shipped for free. It arrived today and I’m not disappointed, very well made and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I followed the instructions and it was very easy to assemble. My wife inflated it and I sat on it and she was able to lower me safely to the floor and back up again all by herself. It worked just as advertised and now I don’t have to worry anymore about how to get up if I fall. The “Easy Lift Up” is portable and easy to transport so I can take it with me when I travel and have piece of mind. Thank you and God bless.

Michael B Farmer
August 30, 2020

The peace of mind is practically priceless!

My wife is in her 70s, and over 200lbs. She has fallen several times ( no injuries, thankfully) but is unable to get up even with my assistance. She has had 2 knees replaced, and getting on her knees to a standing position is excruciatingly painful for her. We always need to call the EMTs to help get her up. We recently got the Easy Lift Up, and I had her watch as I showed her how it works. WONDERFUL!!
I hope we’ll never need it, but knowing that I can get her up without having to call 911 is an incredible relief. The peace of mind is practically priceless!

Harvey Flashen
July 14, 2020

Great item

I had my knee replaced and as a result of surgery, my foot is now numb and walking can be wobbly at best. I find myself on the floor often and have to wait for someone to help me up. Often my family is at work and it’s a great inconvenience to them (but they are willing to come home) I am heavy and I know it puts a great strain on their back. All other lifting cushions cost so much that I couldn’t afford them, so when I saw the price I decided to try it.

It arrived yesterday and I tried it out three times and it is wonderful. Now I am more comfortable being home alone knowing I can get up if needed and be more independent. Would recommend to anyone.

June 18, 2020


I just used my Easy Lift Up for the first time about 10 minutes ago. It worked great and got me back on my feet lickity split. Since I have vertigo problems falls have become part of my everyday life.
Thanks to our local firefighters I learned about your personal lift cushion. I will be passing the word to family and friends.

Laurette Plaza
June 18, 2020

Every Senior Should Own One

When my wife used to fall we had to call the town’s EMT. NO LONGER. The Easy Lift Up is the reason. Easy to set up and use it makes us self sufficient should she fall in the future. A GREAT PRODUCT! EVERY SENIOR SHOULD OWN ONE.

Michael Meleshenko
June 4, 2020

An Insurance Policy

We watched the video, and then we put it together. We hope my husband will not need it, but we are thankful to have this help if he falls. Thank you so much for your product.
John and Dee Bunn

Sara Dee Bunn
May 29, 2020

Eternal thanks for making this

I purchased an Easy Lift Up last winter after several falls with difficulty getting up. It’s been several months with no falls. In fact, the other day I looked at the device and thought well, that was a waste of money. It was not. I fell tonight and was back on my feet in no time. Eternal thanks for making this.

Peg Bowman
May 27, 2020

Wonderful to have and even more wonderful when you don’t have to use it.

The Easy Lift Up system is wonderful to have and even more wonderful when you don’t have to use it. My wife and I have two daughters, currently 7 and 11. My wife has MS and she will fall wherever she is for no reason. We used to try to get her on her knees and use a chair. The reality is that I can’t force her around with her weight and my back. She is essentially immobile, until she gets a good night of rest. Many physical therapists ideas just don’t work when she can’t send the signal to make her limbs move. The little strength she has is quickly exhausted in attempts to get up.

Now think about this. One of the worst things by far for my wife, is the embarrassment of a fall. Even at home the frustration and embarrassment cause her nervous system to shutdown even more. Now we that we have the Easy Lift Up, we have learned not to struggle or make a big commotion. We all stay calm. I go get the Easy Lift, that is stored on the stairs. Slide the bag under her, and she just relaxes while I hand her the remote and turn the valves on and off . She is short so the bag doesn’t even need to inflate all the way. This process is easy and repeatable, and makes my daughters, feel much more at ease with the drama of a fall. My 7 year old has even used the bag to help her mom from a fall when I was not around! She is proud to be able to plug the easy connect hoses in and turn the valves for Mom. This has been a game changer for our family. Thank you for having this product!

Brian Boyd
April 11, 2020

Affordable option

Only had the Easy Lift Up for one week, and had to use it this morning as my mom fell in the bathroom. Due to her weight, I would not have been able to get her up by myself if not for your product. Thanks for providing an affordable option to help with my mom!

Chris Richardson
April 9, 2020

Great Product

This is an amazing product. Reasonably priced, easy to operate and comforting to the caregiver of someone who suffers from repeated falls.

Arrived within short time after order and our experiments with use worked well.

William Carroll
February 25, 2020


This is just what we needed. My husband has Parkinson’s, and when he falls, he is too big for me to help him up. If my neighbor wasn’t home, I would have to call 911 which we both found embarrassing. This device is lightweight, and easy for me to set up. With this, I am able to help him get back on his feet in just a few minutes. Great device, very happy with this!

Nancy Fowler
November 22, 2019

Just What We Needed

My wife has balance problems and seems to fall too often. I had a heck of a time getting her back up. She can’t get up on her own, and when I try to lift her, it causes her more pain and trauma. This is a great product that I wish I would have found sooner. She is able to scoot her bottom onto the flat cushion, and then it inflates slowly and lifts her up high enough where she can easily just stand up. We both don’t get stressed out now when she falls. Very glad I found this.

Tim Mullins
November 15, 2019

Love it

So happy I got my easy lift up. Had no idea I was going to fall again. I was just walking around in my kitchen and slipped on dropped food. I was able to crawl over to the easy lift up kit I had just received and was able to get myself up off the floor. I will be showing all my friends how easy this is to use.

Sue Williams
October 14, 2019