About Us

The Easy Lift Up lifting cushion is a mobility aid device that helps caregivers lift a fallen individual up from the floor.

Once seated on the cushion, the  powerful lifting cushion raises the fallen person off the floor safely, and with dignity, preventing any additional strain or injury.

The Easy Lift Up also protects caregivers from muscle strains and back injuries from hazardous manual patient lifts.

The Easy Lift Up can lift the fallen person 22" off of the floor in roughly 3 minutes. This height is ideal for transfer to a chair or a standing position.

The Easy Lift Up system is portable and can be used indoors and outdoors. This  lift cushion's compact dimensions allow it to work in confined and narrow spaces, where other patient lifts fail. Though small in size, it can lift up to 600lbs.

To inflate the cushion, one only needs to connect each of the air hoses to the corresponding cushion chamber. Each air hose and cushion chamber is color coordinated.